• Wall Street Journal and IHS-Markit launches JANYS-created United States Social Sentiment Tracker
  • Students and Academics: Use our data!
  • JANYS researchers forecast post-theatrical sales of Hollywood films based on opening weekend buzz
  • Social Media and the Energy Sector
  • The Real-time mood of Trump and Clinton communities during and after the 2016 Presidential Campaigns

Welcome to Janys


Hi! It’s nice to meet you virtually. My name is Niels (Rosenquist), and I am the CEO of Janys Analytics. My team of co-founders, advisors, and employees is excited that you have taken an interest in us, and hope we can help you with your business.

Here is what we do: We are experts in large-scale (social and other) media analysis, providing real-time information across the globe through event detection, sentiment analysis, community detection, forecasting, and other techniques that can provide valuable information to businesses, governments, and organizations in real time. Through our distributor, IHS-Markit, we sell data streams and/or user interfaces to clients who wish to be able to observe, visualize, and interpret vast amounts of global data. Our first major release, the Wall Street Journal-IHS United States Social Sentiment Index (USSI) capitalizes on years of development to bring cutting-edge deep learning technology to measure the realtime mood of the United States. You can read more about it here

What sets us apart from other firms? First, we have great technology developed by some of the best researchers in fields as diverse as computer science, network science, and economics. We are first and foremost researchers that believe in rigorous testing of all our products, and consider our results to reflect that commitment. Note that we are offering our historical USSI sentiment data to researchers free of charge. Second, we believe in client engagement as a way of improving our products and delivering clear results. As far as we are concerned, one-size fits all “black box” solutions all too often lead to decreased value for clients. The success of big data products to us is dependent on engineers and data scientists truly understanding a client’s needs and the client having a clear understanding of our products and methods.

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our technology and team in future blog posts and website additions. If you want to know more in the meantime, please contact my team.

Best wishes,

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The USSI and it's relation to financial markets

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Students and Academics: Use our data!

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The Real-time mood of Trump and Clinton communities during and after the 2016 Presidential Campaigns

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Big Data as a Verb

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Sentiment Data for Hollywood

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Social Media and the Energy Sector

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