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Students and Academics: Use our data!

Research is part of our core DNA at JANYS. We are active academics and believe that strong empirics are crucial to continuously improving our technology as well as getting the most out of our data. We love it when we can work with others across academia, NGO’s and goverment who are looking to explore the field of large-scale social analytics.

To that end, we are able to supply historical USSI data to researchers and students who are looking to explore correlations between our data and other data sources of interest. While we imagine that this will be of interest to folks in computer science, political science, and economics/finance, we are happy to share our data with folks from all fields of research.

For those researchers who are looking for sentiment and activity from subgroups of Twitter users and broader communities and/or term specific sentiment and activity, special pricing is available to generate unique data streams per researcher’s needs.

Please contact research@janysanalytics.com for more details.

When writing, please specify

  1. Research area of interest and (if possible) research question
  2. Date range needed (2012-2016 window is available for researchers)
  3. Time window (hourly or daily)
  4. Geographic specificity (national and/or state level)
  5. Gender (all or with male/female breakdowns)
We will follow up with you as soon as we can.